Hours for The Bull Market

Monday                  9 am – 6 pm
Tuesday                  9 am – 6 pm
Wednesday           9 am – 6 pm
Thursday               9 am – 6 pm
Friday                     9 am – 6 pm
Saturday                9 am – 6 pm
 The Bull Market is a Corporation for Public Benefit with a mission to grow local farmers, ranchers, and entrepreneurs.  The store opened in July of 2016 and began buying produce and products from over 50 Arizona vendors, 24 of whom came from within 50 miles.   In addition to stimulating the local economy, The Bull Market recognized the difficulty many residents had with finding healthy food in the White Mountains and the expense they went to haul food from larger cities.  With this in mind, The Bull Market has begun a bulk buying program and sources pesticide-free produce, clean meats and cheeses, and attempts to fulfill the requests of locals.  The store’s apothecary is stocked with many hard to find herbs, spices, teas, and coffees.  Additionally, The Bull Market wants to help growing beer, wine, and spirit companies who are investing in developing businesses in Arizona. The Bull Market offers many items for sale in bulk. We want to save our customers money by giving convenient options for purchasing healthy food. The benefits of ordering thru The Bull Market is often less than a week turnaround for orders, we can hold it for a short while, and we have reasonable hours for customers to collect the orders.
25 lb non organic long grain rice is $30.25 and organic is $48.75
25 lb long grain non-organic rice at us foods $25
25 lbs short grain brown rice is $27.00 and organic is 42.50
25 lbs rolled oats is 24.25, organic is $39.50
25 lb soft white wheatberries, organic is $24.25
25 lbs organic spelt $46.25
25 lb amaranth, organic is $27
25 lbs organic yellow popcorn, $36
25 lbs organic cane sugar $44.50, non-organic is $21.50
25 lbs Bob’s Red Mill 13 bean soup mix $50.50
6 pack Case of Califa Unsweetened almond milk $24
Case of Jackson’s honest Blue Corn Chips $38
5 lb unsalted vegetable broth mix $22.51
A wide variety of organic coffees 4 lbs for $41.50
6 #10 cans of black beans $51.00, non-organic is $30.50
6 #10 cans of sliced potatoes, non-organic but fancy $31.75
6 #10 cans of chili beans $43
6 #10 cans of organic tomato sauce or diced tomatoes is $52.25


Want to start your own garden? The Bull Market sells organic seeds! You can get advice on how to start your seedlings,  how often you should water your plants, using an organic soil sold at The Bull Market, how and when to use the best fertilizer, increasing produce production, and when to harvest. Kelly is an expert on growing so don’t be shy when asking for product referrals. We understand it is not as easy as it looks. Let us give you the tools you need to do what you want with your garden.
Many of our featured items for seasonal growing will be on our Facebook account. Click here to see our social feed,  The Bull Market @ Concho Creek Facebook

The Summer of 2017 will be exciting with the first vineyard being planted down the former first hole. A weekly Farmer’s Market
and Swap Meet on will be on Saturdays.  We would love for local vendors to join us in supplying the community by submitting the application provided on the apply page.



The Bull Market HC 30 901, Concho, AZ 85924